Monday, June 27, 2011

She's Come So Far... Continuing the journey & believing for healing

Matt's mother, Denise Caddell has fought leukemia for over 7 years now. In May, she went back into the hospital with 80% cancerous cells in her bone marrow. The Lord has healed Denise 3 times of leukemia. Her body has suffered much toil because of all the chemo that she has been given. Matt and I went to Texas to be with her and family for 2 weeks. It was not easy to see her in such a frail state. Denise continues to fight reminding everyone to "be fearless". She was given a low dosage of chemo this time since that was the only amount her body could handle. The Lord is good, he healed her body of cancer again... 4th time. All the cancer is gone, however; her body is still at risk. The chemo takes her immune system to nothing. Please stand with us in faith believing that her body will be completely healed. We appreciate everyone's love and support during this season.

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