Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You are invited to the Martin Missions
Family Pumpkin Picnic

When? 5pm-9pm Sunday,October 11, 2009
Where? Linda Spurlock Park, North Richland Hills, Texas

Bring your family, your pumpkins, and your picnic dinner to Linda Spurlock Park.
We will have paints and stickers to decorate pumpkins together.

So lets get together, decorate some pumpkins and play!

We would love to see you and fill you in on what's been happening with Martin Missions in Denver. Feel Free to invite friends and family to this event! We would love to share our vision to help families.

Hope to see you pumpkins there!

Love, Matt and Wendy

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Joshua Station Benefit Concert

The Joshua Station Benefit Concert was loads of fun! Here is the church where the concert was held. This church is really old. It used to be a Jewish Temple. It is located in a great location, Down town Denver. (Sorry for the blurry pictures, I used my phone)
This is one of the beautiful stain glass windows within the church. Isn't it beautiful? I had to take a picture as the sun was beaming through.
On Thursday before the concert, one of the residents and I baked in the kitchen from 1pm to 6pm. We had fun making muffins, cookies,and cupcakes! I have never baked so much in my life. And, boy were all the baked goods yummy, ofcourse we had to taste them... Here is just a "taste" of what baked goods we had to offer! And guess what? By the end of the night ALL the baked goods were bought!
Thank you Lord, our baking really was good!

Here is our new friend Rich picking out some yummy treats! Not that he is not sweet enough already!

The band~ The residents and staff had a great time dancing and singing to familiar party songs! What a great time was had by all. Money was not the only thing raised at the concert.. so were praises to the Lord and the spirits of the Joshua Station residents and staff.