Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Martin Missions Inc. Fundraiser Tickets

Would you like to invite your friends and family to the Martin Missions Inc. Summer Fundraiser? We have tickets for you to distribute. The tickets are suggested donation of $7 per person which includes dinner. You can either take the money in advance and send it to us or if they know they will be there, give them the tickets and they can pay at the door. This is a fun way for us to "count heads" for the meal.

Also, I will be sending out an invite through email which you can RSVP online, pay online, and send to others. So these are the two ways we will be able to know an estimated number of people coming to the event. If you respond online, you don't have to have a ticket, again this is just a way we can estimate # of people coming.

Let me know if you want any tickets and I can send them in the mail.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the event on July 17th!

Hugs and Love,
Matt and Wendy