Monday, April 16, 2012

Ben & Anicka Olsen move to Denver

Our friends, Ben & Anicka Olsen came to visit us in Denver last fall as they were praying about their next steps in serving people with the love of Christ. Ben & Anicka have a heart much like ours to serve people within community ministry. We connected them with two local options: Apartment Life and our friends at Providence Network. Providence had just recently acquired a new facility, Clausen House, which they had asked Matt & I if we would like to look into being directors of. This opportunity would be amazing, but we are currently in a two year covenant commitment with Apartment Life and could not imagine leaving our amazing community at the Parkway. So, we suggested Ben & Anicka meet with Providence to see if the position as directors of Clausen House would be a good fit for them. We gave our friends the highest recommendation, Ben & Anicka went through a few interviews, and are now currently the directors of Clausen House for Providence Network. We are thrilled to have our friends serving with us in Denver! We look forward to spending time with them, organizing outreaches, and working together to see lives transformed. Congratulations Ben & Anicka we are blessed to have you here "for such a time as this!" We love you!

Reyna's Journey

Reyna, (the one in the middle of the 3 beautiful girls) is a precious lady we met through a friend who goes to church with us. When we met Reyna, she was in great need of community, support, encouragement, and the love of the Father. Reyna's life has not been easy. Recently, she has experienced the loss of her mother and her father. Since Reyna was a teenager, she has used drugs to cope with the struggles of life. I, Wendy, have had the opportunity to walk with Reyna as she has chosen to make positive steps in the right direction. Martin Missions Inc. sent Reyna to Texas in February to receive counseling from our good friend and faithful supporter, Howard Olsen with Crossways Ministries. While Reyna was in Texas, she was welcomed to stay with our good friends and faithful supporters, Aaron & Penny Reeves with Homestead Ministries. We are truly thankful for their willingness to welcome Reyna, spend time with her, and walk with her during this season. Please pray for Reyna. She still struggles with her addiction, needs a program to fight her addiction, and faithful believers to stand in the gap and believe for complete healing and recovery. If you feel led and would like to encourage Reyna, please send emails and/or cards to the address below and I will be sure to get them to her. Thank you in advance for your love for our friend Reyna.

Providence Meets Denver United

Last fall, Denver United contacted us to see if we knew a place where our brothers from the local halfway house could transition into after being released. The transition is often not easy for the guys. Housing is hard to find with a criminal record and the skills needed to maintain a job, manage a budget, and continue their spiritual journey in their new found freedom can be tough. Matt arranged a meeting for him to introduce Denver United Church staff to our friends at Providence Network. These men came together, created a plan, and now our brothers have a safe place to transition at Providence Network's housing facility called Victory. For our last GO Day, Denver United filled their new place with all the essential items needed to start these men out right and we also made improvements to Victory such as painting, cleaning, and organizing. We are excited for the opportunity our brother's have to get on their feet, maintain healthy boundaries, and grow spiritually with the help of our church body. Pray for them as they settle in and continue to pursue their walk with Christ.