Thursday, October 1, 2009

"You Did It Mommy!"

Today was Town Hall meeting at Joshua Station. Town Hall is held the first Thursday of every month after community dinner. During this meeting, residents are informed of changes, announcements are made, and best of all those who have completed the program are announced. This is a story that melted my heart and brought me to tears. One of the residents had completed the program and moved into stable housing so this was the night that the staff was to announce the graduation. Her family advocate stood up with her in the front of the room and began telling us all the struggles and accomplishments that had taken place over the past year she had been a resident. The resident had also brought her four year old son who had walked this journey with his mom. He sat patiently and quietly as the family advocate wrapped up the congrats and gave his mom the framed graduation certificate. Everyone clapped and as the room then got quiet her son made this precious statement, "Mommy you did it!" Four years old, I can not imagine how proud he was of his mommy. This right here is good news my friends. Lives are being changed forever. Everyday we learn more and more stories that make us thankful to be apart of this incredible adventure and drive us to help families. Thank you for reading my story. This is what we love to do.