Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baptizing Brothers

Two of our friends we have had the privilege to be in relationship with took the plunge by giving their hearts completely to Jesus and getting baptized last Sunday. With tears in our eyes, we watched as these men surrendered their lives to the one who loves them, forgives them, and will never give up on them. Both of these men have been through a tough life. Their stories are real, the pain they have felt is true, but the transformation that is taking place in their hearts is a miracle. Why a miracle you ask? I can't describe it, I can just see it in their life, I hear it in their words, and I sense it with my spirit. It's exciting, refreshing, and makes me remember what it was like when I first fell in love with the Lord. My heart leaps just being around those who are eagerly seeking the truth.

"This is life, and without Jesus, there is no life"-Mark

"I've tried to do this on my own, I can't, that's what I need, I need Him to help me."-Scotty

Thank you for supporting Martin Missions Inc.

We are blessed to be serving His people.

Love to you and your family,

Matt and Wendy Martin

A Season of Change

Towards the beginning of the year, Matt and I began to feel a stirring in our spirits that change was about to take place. We began to pray and ask the Lord, "What is next?" We knew that Denver was the place that our hearts were drawn to, but what or where would the next days ahead entail? As our daily commitment to Joshua Station soon comes to an end, we just knew there was something waiting in the wings for us to venture into. We have had such a eye-opening experience meeting ministries in the city of Denver that have a heart like ours to build community and help those in need. As we searched for next steps, Matt and I had narrowed the search to two options. Our first option we looked into was a non-profit ministry called Apartment Life which develops a "Cares Team" in a typical apartment complex to build community by creating relationships with residents, organizing & hosting weekly/monthly events, visiting new residents, and helping out the staff. We got approved for Apartment Life, waited for the right property, and waited some more. Our other option, was a wonderful non-profit in the city called Providence Network. Providence helps those in need by providing programs for substance abuse, safe house for women, and a next step apartment living for those in transition. The transitional housing sparked our interest. Each of these options could have been live in positions, creating community, and loving on people (what we love to do best!). After much prayer and open doors, we have now become the Cares Team with Apartment Life at an apartment complex downtown, Denver called the Parkway. We believe this is a great building block for Martin Missions Inc. to continue to grow in how to develop community, build relationships with residents, and connect with the needs in the city. What about Providence Network you may ask? We look forward to also partnering with them by rallying troops to do community projects, helping with men's discipleship, and being available to help however we can. As of April 1st, we moved into the Parkway and we love it! It has been a great transition getting to know the staff and meeting residents at the Parkway. Be in prayer for us during this new season. We are blessed to be led by the Lord as to where He wants us to go. We love being a part of the lives of people. It is our honor and privilege to be here in Denver for such a time as this. Thank you for standing with us on this journey. We appreciate you and love you.

GO Day

Martin Missions Inc. has teamed up with our home church, Denver United, in doing what we all call GO Day. GO Day is one day out of the month where we go into the city and love on people. We show them the love of Christ in many ways. It can be a group of people buying 30 McDonalds breakfast sandwiches and passing them out to those in need of some food, sitting and having a bagel with a man many would just pass by, or giving out a multitude of water to people we come across. Each act of kindness we do is a direct representation of God's love for His people. If we have the opportunity, we encourage the people, pray with them, and give them resources within the city. It's a beautiful time. We all meet back up at a coffee shop, share stories about our experiences, and we all leave blessed and renewed. Sound like fun? If you live in Denver, join us! If you live in another city, start your own GO Day. Just go where the people are. Don't be afraid. Bless their socks off with the love of Jesus.