Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Opportunities to serve in Denver

Want to serve?
 Here are our ministry partners in Denver, CO
Cares by Apartment Life:
Apartment Life places CARES Teams (a married couple, family, or two single adults) into apartment communities to assist management in building community and serving residents. These teams commit to helping create a sense of community by welcoming new residents, hosting community events, and serving residents
Joshua Station:
Mile High Ministries Transformational Housing
Streets Hope:
Providing an escape for women in the sex for sale industry
Providence Network:
Restoring hope through transformational housing
Denver United Church:
Uniting across the spectrum to follow Jesus and serve the hopeless in Denver and around the world

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Recent Events @ The Parkway!

Our summer was filled with fun events at the Parkway! Each summer month we have a huge pool party for our residents. The pool parties are always a hit and also a great way for us to raise money for a local non profit. The Parkway is so generous. Our community, the Parkway, purchases everything... the food, drinks, decorations, DJ or band and then ask the residents to simply donate $3 for food and drinks. We typically have over 100 people come out to enjoy the good times. Many donations are given to help those in need in our great city, Denver, Colorado. These pictures were from our 80's & Red, White, & Blue themes...

The Lovely Lisa...

Lisa made some huge steps over the last few months... Lisa got baptized at Denver United's Church in the Park Service and she graduated from Joshua Station! Check out these pictures from her special days...
We and her boys Reno & Gino are so proud of Lisa! Please pray for her as she now has a new apartment with her boys, continues her education in college, and pursues to deepen her relationship with the Lord. Thank you!

Our travels to Texas Summer 2012

It was that time of year again, time to go back to Texas, update many of our faithful supporters, and encourage and be encouraged. Ever since we moved to Denver, we had this dream to bring someone or some people back to Texas to share their story with our family and friends. In the past summers, we have created videos to communicate testimonies of transformation and God's hand at work. This year, we had the opportunity to invite a very special lady, Lisa, and her son, Gino, residents from Joshua Station, to join us on our trip. Many of you had the opportunity to meet Lisa and hear her story. We hope her story of willingness, determination for change, and new found hope blessed you and encouraged you in your walk with the Lord. Our trip was like no other. We grew closer to Lisa and Gino, had many deep conversations about our walks with the Lord, and really had a blast together. On the first day, Saturday, got to take them to the Fort Worth stockyards to expose them to a little Texas culture! Gino rode a longhorn (which he absolutely loved!), we took a gander at the shops full of cowboy hats and boots, and ate some delicious Riscky's BBQ.
Later that evening, we hosted a Benefit Dinner at Zio's Italian Restaurant where Matt & I had the privilege to share some of our experiences serving the city of Denver and Lisa also shared her story. With tears in our eyes, and thankfulness in our hearts, we left that evening totally empowered and encouraged. To be able to communicate stories of what God has done in the last year and look out to see many of the people who have stood with us through many years... not only in ministry, but in the joys and trials of our life overwhelms us with emotion of thankfulness and gratitude. Words can not describe the feeling we get when we think of those who pray, encourage, and offer a simple "how are you" through the many seasons of our life. The words thank you seem so insignificant when we think about all you are for us.
The next morning, we woke up early and headed to the little town in East Texas called Palestine. One of our board members, David Gregg, pastors a solid church called Trinity Church there in Palestine. They asked us to share an update and hosted a delicious (southern) spaghetti luncheon with all the sides and desserts; you can imagine it was wonderful. The Holy Spirit was alive and moving in Trinity Church. One awesome testimony is a lady from Trinity Church, who owns a bike shop in town, felt God move her to give Gino a really nice bike. He was floored that she would just give him a bike. He said thank you about 15 times but it seemed as if he knew those words were not enough to show how thankful he was. We loaded up the bike, bought a bike rack, and took it back to Denver! Praise God! Our time with David and his wife Linda was precious. Matt and I always feel like family when we are with them and Lisa and Geno felt the same.
Early Monday morning, we loaded up and headed back home to Denver. It was a weekend we will never forget. Thanks for making the trip possible with your generous donations. Lives were touched, we were encouraged, and Lisa and Gino could not say thank ya'll (in their attempt to be as Texan as possible) enough.