Monday, February 8, 2016

Joshua Station Pancake Brunch & Bingo

Join us for our 7th annual Valentines Pancake Brunch at Joshua Station! 
We will show the residents LOVE by serving them some warm pancakes, 
connecting one on one, sharing how God asks us to love, and playing BINGO with prizes. 

Volunteers please arrive @ 10am. 
Brunch for residents will begin at 10:30am & end @ Noon 

2330 W Mulberry Place
Denver, CO 80204

How to Help:
-Make the pancakes
-Sit and encourage residents
-Refill drinks
-Lead BINGO 
-Bring brunch items 
-Donate funds for brunch items 
-Bring prizes for BINGO
-Clean up
-Do small service projects around Joshua Station

To Donate funds for brunch supplies use this link:

We hope you can come LOVE on some residents at Joshua Station with us!

Love, Matt, Wendy, & Willow Jewel
Martin Missions Inc.

What is Joshua Station?
Joshua Station's comprehensive program focuses on empowerment for the entire family, making this program one of the most successful in the metro Denver area. A full complement of resources and support include:

Life Skills classes and education which builds awareness and skills to increase self-sufficiency

Comprehensive support for residents' holistic health and well-being through a Family Advocacy program that includes physical, mental, and spiritual elements

Individual, couple, and family Counseling for both adults and children

Comprehensive Youth Program that focuses on education, mentoring, and recreational activities

Community Service opportunities at Joshua Station encourage a sense of shared community and care for the communal property where everyone lives and works

Follow-up Advocacy after graduation which helps our families make the transition from Joshua Station to the larger Denver community by providing a continuous support system for them

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