Friday, April 10, 2009

Trip to Denver, Colorado: March 2009

On Spring Break, Matthew and I packed up half of our belongings into a UHAUL and headed to Denver.

The first day we arrived in Denver, we went to Joshua Station to serve the residents at the Thursday night community dinner. My friend Charlotte's lifegroup had volunteered to serve that night.. pretty cool huh. The residents loved eating breakfast for dinner.

On Saturday, we were able to join Foothills Church in helping tear up asphalt at Joshua Station for a new community garden.

Here we have Matthew and our friend Glen (Charlotte's husband) using their shoveling skills.

This is where the garden will be right outside of the residents homes. The community will be able to help in the gardening and the children will be able to see the growth process. The garden is not the only thing in a growing process.. all who are involved in this community are in continuous growth. The harvest is amazing!

During our time in Denver, we met with Joshua Station leadership, networked with the community, met new friends, and spent time with our friends the Franson Family.
(Matt, Wendy, Jessie, Sam, Glen, & Charlotte was taking the picture)

In the middle of all the busyness, we were able to go skiing one day in Winter Park.

Matthew and I had a great time together in the beautiful snow.

Here we have Matthew the expert skier...

And Wendy, the not so expert skier. Haha, this was only my second time to ski. I did pretty well, no crashing.. this is me taking a break.

We had a great trip! Thank you to the Franson Family who hosted us for the week and fed us lots of yummy food. And thank you to Joshua Station for welcoming us to the Joshua Station family. We love you and can't wait to see you all in July!

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